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6 Week Group Coaching Program

Starts in February!

Reclaim Your Wellness:

A Self-Care Transformation

Nurturing Your Best Self

Welcome to the Reclaim Your Wellness – my new 6-week coaching program!

Join me in this very first cohort as I empower you to evaluate, identify, create, and implement actionable steps for lasting self-care habits. Dive deeper into self-discovery, set boundaries, and conquer excuses. This program is your guide to intentional wellness and a resilient, empowered you!

⭐️✨ It's time to replace the NO Time with ME Time ⭐️✨

What to Expect


Here's a glimpse of what you can expect from this NEW (beta) program.

  • Empowering Self-Discovery: Evaluate, identify, and plan actionable steps to empower yourself through intentional living.

  • Weekly Live Coaching/Training Sessions: Engage in interactive live sessions every week where you'll receive guidance, insights, and actionable steps to activate and enhance your self-care journey.  All sessions will be recorded and available in your personal portal.

  • Ongoing Support: Benefit from continuous support as you navigate the program, with resources, check-ins, and accountability to consistently empower your self-care practice.

  • Beta Program Perks: As part of our beta program, you'll have a unique opportunity to shape and enhance your experience, making it a collaborative and dynamic journey.  Plus get FREE BONUSES that only beta founding members will receive.

Reading with Coffee

Let's dedicate the next 6 weeks to propelling you into momentum and elevating your overall well-being!

Walk on the Beach

Group Program

Join the Reclaim Your Wellness 6-week group coaching program to unlock a world of self-discovery, support, and empowerment on your path to intentional well-being living!  

$279 for the 6 week program

50% BETA discount!

No more excuses!

Feel like you need a more 1:1 approach?  Check out my VIP program below.

This program is perfect for you, if your:

Struggling to balance the demands of work, family and/or personal life?

Finding yourself going from super busy to burnout/sick??

Struggling to find time in your schedule for your needs?

Ready to prioritize your well-being with training, support and accountability?

VIP Program

If your looking for a more personal and private touch, come join my VIP Self-Care Program instead – you're exclusive ticket to a personalized self-care journey! With this premium package, you not only gain access to the transformative group training and coaching sessions but also enjoy:

  • Exclusive 1:1 Coaching: (3) 60-minute private coaching calls tailored to your individual needs.

  • Unlimited Access: Enjoy full access to the group training and coaching sessions.

  • Direct Communication: Reach out to me anytime, Monday through Friday, via a convenient texting platform.

  • Personalized Motivation: Receive periodic personalized texts designed to uplift and motivate you.

$399 for VIP Status

40% BETA discount!

All of this, crafted to make your self-care journey personalized, impactful, and truly VIP. Elevate your well-being for only $399.

Join the Reclaim Your Wellness: A Self Care Transformation program to unlock a world of self-discovery, support, and empowerment on your path to intentional living!

Marianne Crooch
Inspirational Wellness Coach

Certified Primordial Sound Mediation Instructor

200 RYT/500 RYT

COPE Certified Health Coach

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