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Embrace tranquility and wellness this CYBER Monday!


Unlock a path to inner peace with exclusive offers on my monthly yoga membership, beginner meditation course, and a transformative meditation challenge. Elevate your mind, body, and spirit at unbeatable prices – seize the serenity before the deals fade away!

Yoga Pose


Yoga Monthly Membership

Experience the healing power of yoga! Embrace the opportunity to improve your balance, strength, flexibility, and resilience as you journey through the transformative practice of yoga. 

NOW: $40/mo
Normally: $67/mo






What You'll Get:

* LIVE Yoga classes and events virtually!

* Library of taped yoga classes

* A supportive Yoga community

Meditating in Nature_edited.jpg


Beginner Meditation Course

Immerse yourself into this self-paced online course designed to guide both beginners and struggling practitioners, cultivating a transformative meditation practice.

NOW: $99
Normally: $222





What You'll Get:

* Learn powerful techniques, benefits, tips, and insights into the magic of meditation through short but comprehensive videos.

* Sample meditations to get you started meditating like a pro.

* Extra resources like cheat. sheets, exercises, and trackers.



14 Day Meditation Challenge

Discover a journey to clarity and focus with our 14-day beginner's meditation challenge. Settle into the comfort of your favorite chair each day, dedicating just 8 minutes to immerse yourself in transformative meditation.  

NOW: $9
Normally: $20







What You'll Get:

* Thoughtfully crafted meditations tailored for your 14-day journey..  

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