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Helping to Inspire One Person at a Time

Before I began my journey with yoga, meditation, health coaching and now as a digital course creator, I always dreamed of inspiring others to be the best version of themselves. Fast forward many years later and I feel that I am living that dream. After teaching hundreds of yoga classes, meditation and coaching sessions I feel such joy that I can be a part of their transformation.    

How it Started:
My long Journey From Being a Shy Little Girl to Entrepreneur 

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 Taking a leap of faith and living outside my comfort zone started with yoga. Even though I was a computer programmer by day, I really wanted to become a yoga instructor. I loved yoga and wanted to share it with the world. But learning to be a yoga instructor took months of practice and training, not just in the poses but in confidence. Yes, confidence. For me, that was going to be my biggest obstacle. Believing in myself was never my forte but I dove in anyway, with both feet. My initial experiences as a teacher were not so good but I was thankful that my students were really supportive. Without them my journey may have stopped before it began.  


When you truly believe in yourself, you see opportunities and possibilities that you didn't see before.  


Getting out of your comfort zone allows you to take chances and bring your dreams into reality.  


 I am still a work in progress so stay tuned to see how the journey continues to unfold.

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A Little About Me

Yoga and Meditation obsessed 

200 RYT and 500 RYT (registered yoga teacher)

Certified Chopra Center Primordial Sound Meditation instructor


Loves to talk about HABITS to anyone who will listen


Can be found reading self-help books


Listens to Josh Groban for inspiration


Exercise of choice is walking my Bernedoodle, Bailey

Take care of your body, it’s the only place you have to live.

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