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Whose Your Tribe?

Updated: Oct 16, 2022

Every Saturday I sit down to write my blog for the following week. I choose the weekly topic based on what I'm feeling at the moment, letting the passion guide me as I compose the words. So when I sat down a week and half ago to write this blog my original topic was something totally different. But with the passing of my dearest friend Robin last week, I felt a need to switch to a topic where I could honor her and all the friends I care deeply about.

That brings me to my burning question, who is your tribe? Who are your sphere of friends that inspire, support and love you for who you are and where you are in your life?

Official Definition

A tribe is more than just the normal dictionary definition below.

.....a social group composed chiefly of numerous families, clans, or generations having a shared ancestry and language

A tribe can also be a group of persons having a common character, occupation, or interest. If you look at your close sphere of friends what are your commonalities? What draws you to them? Is it their humor, passion, craziness, compassion, empathy, love of life, shared interests, or character traits? Have you given it any thought?

My first introduction to the word 'tribe'....

I was first introduced to this concept of TRIBE at a Women's International Summit conference I attended in Arizona exactly three years ago. The purpose of the summit was to learn about women's global issues but it was also to share camaraderie and connect with like-minded women, ones with similar interests, goals, dreams and desires. During that summit we were ONE tribe, connecting, bonding and dreaming together. Some of us even walked away, like me, with new friends to add to our existing tribe. I love each of them deeply and i know that they feel the same.

Who should be part of your tribe?

So who is considered part of our tribe? Should they have the same occupation, interests or personality as you? Do they need to fit every criteria for them to fit into your tribe? Not necessarily. It can help to share the same interests, occupation or personality traits but what is more important are character traits. What's most important is whether they....

  • make you laugh

  • are honest when its needed the most

  • love and support you unconditionally

  • have your back in times of need

  • challenge you to be and live better

  • make you feel good when they are around

  • support you with your dreams, goals, and life's decisions

Just remember since a tribe is a community, it's not a one way street. If you want a tribe then YOU have to BE the person you want in your tribe. For example, if you want people in your tribe with lots of happy energy you can't be a full-time grump.

Your vibe attracts your tribe.

So if you are attracting the wrong type of people in your tribe then you need to look deep within yourself to find out what may need a little tweaking.

So who makes up YOUR tribe?

So who is in YOUR tribe? Who lifts you up? Who makes you laugh? Who will listen when you need it the most? Who supports you with your decisions and life's choices? Your tribe doesn't have to be large. Even if you have ONE person in your tribe that is worth more than you can ever imagine.

Are their people that don't fit comfortably in your tribe, like the pieces to a puzzle? The makeup of our tribe can change quite a bit over our lifetime. That's because we ALL change at some level over the years. Since our desires, dreams, values, beliefs and personality can shift over time so can the members of our tribe. Look at the people that have been close to you over the years. How many of them have shifted to the outskirts of your tribe or even disappeared from your tribe?

There are some members that will remain for life because they connect on a more deeper level with your soul. If you've ever had one of those lifetime friends where you couldn't imagine life without them even if you are apart for years at a time then they are deeply entrenched in your tribe.

We were not placed on this earth to walk alone.

Humans were not meant to go it alone. Our health is dependent upon friendships and community. There is scientific proof that healthier people have loving long-term friendships. So it's important to find, nurture and love your tribe. Sometimes life gets away from us and we are not a fully participating member of our tribe but that's okay as long as its temporary.

Surround yourself with people who add value to your life. Who challenge you to be greater than you were yesterday. Who sprinkle magic into your existence, just like you do to theirs. Life is not meant to be alone. Find your tribe, and journey freely and loyally together.

So take a moment, think about who you can call your tribe. Be all there for them just like they will be all there for you. Tribes are not only good for your health but good for your soul.

Thank you for being part of my tribe. With loving blessings and wishes....

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