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The Spark Within

Updated: Oct 16, 2022

Is there something in your life, specifically a hobby, job or activity, that generates a spark inside you? Does it inspire you to learn and grow? Does it keep you energized? Does it bring you an abundance of joy? Humans are truly meant to have that spark, that passion.

Our spark, our passion, not only inspires us but it also inspires others.

You have to find what sparks a light in you so you, in your own way, can illuminate the world.

During life's journey, our spark can fade in and out, it's source can change, or in some cases it can be extinguished through trauma or tragedy.

When our spark fades it's usually due to outside forces, like people or circumstances, or due to a need for growth and change.

When our spark shifts from one passion to another it means that we have outgrown the source of our spark. Discovering a new spark is usually the catalyst for change.

When the spark extinguishes due to trauma or tragedy it may not be feasible to rekindle but we do have the option of bringing it back into being. Only we can determine which direction to take.

Our spark provides happiness, contentment and energy. But the most important byproduct of our spark is that it's our gift to the world. We inspire others with our light. Passion is contagious. It's our duty to share what lights our spark.

Don't have a spark or never gave it much thought? Ask yourself these questions.

What do you talk about the most?

What would your books, music, pictures say about you?

What do you like to do for fun?

What do you spend your free time on?

What would your friends say lights you up?

Our spark doesn't have to glow like the sun, big and mighty. Sparks come in all kinds of shapes and sizes. Even the smallest spark can be the greatest gift to you and to others. The most important thing is to identify it and nurture it.

The smallest spark can be the greatest light.

Don't rule out having multiple sparks. I am so fortunate to have a few passions in my life namely, yoga, meditation and mind and body health. Each of them energizes, inspires, and creates a sense of purpose. We all want to have a purpose and make a difference in the world, small or big.

You often feel tired, not because you've done too much, but because you've done too little of what sparks a light in you.

So if your feeling tired all the time, experiencing health issues, or just coasting along in life then maybe it's time to take a look. Ask yourself the questions I listed above. Find your spark!.

Life is about living life to its fullest. Identifying and/or incorporating things into our life that brings us joy, passion, energy, and inspiration into our life is critical to accomplishing that feat.

Ignite the spark that lives within you.

What's your spark?

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